Frequently Asked Questions: Exclusive Edition of "Empire of the Damned" by Jay Kristoff

Frequently Asked Questions: Exclusive Edition of "Empire of the Damned" by Jay Kristoff

1. What features does the Goldsboro exclusive edition of "Empire of the Damned" have?

The Goldsboro exclusive edition of "Empire of the Damned" by Jay Kristoff will feature block sprayed edges, a bespoke dust jacket with foiling, foiling on the case, and as always, it will be a first edition, hand-signed, and numbered to 2000 copies.

Please note that images are digitally constructed by the publisher and therefore may differ slightly from the final product.

2. When can I pre-order the Goldsboro exclusive edition of the book?

This book is not available to pre-order yet.

Presale access will be granted to previous buyers in January 2024. The official presale date will be announced before the end of this year.

3. How will I receive information about the presale date?

Previous buyers will receive a presale date announcement via email which will ensure they have sufficient time to prepare for the presale - this is the perfect time to make a note of the number you want to request! This presale date announcement will include all the necessary details.

4. Can I request a specific number?

Yes! You must include this information in the order notes box at checkout, we can't take any requests via email or telephone, and whilst we always endeavour to fulfil all requests we cannot guarantee it.

Please note, we can't accept any dedication requests for this book.

5. What should I do if I purchased previous books on the second-hand market?

If you obtained the previous books through the second-hand market, please note that you will need to contact us once the presale has been launched and the book has been offered to previous buyers, but not beforehand. We will share more information on this when the presale date is announced.

We are just as excited as you are about this release, and we want to make the process as smooth as possible. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.


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