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Otto and the Flying Twins

Otto and the Flying Twins

by Charlotte Haptie

Publisher Hodder Children's Books


  • Signed by the Author
  • UK First Edition
  • First Printing
  • Hardcover

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About the book


Otto is our endearingly bewildered young hero whose world suddenly becomes very odd. Going with his father, Albert, to the FireBox Launderette, Albert is called to help with 'failing machinery' and is seen by Otto calming a purple dragon in the back room. When his baby sisters start to fly, his grandmother becomes a unicorn, and street waifs fly along the street at night on magic carpets pursued by the new Normal Police force, life becomes odder and scarier. Otto learns - often riotously - that his city and his family are very special indeed.

Here the last remaining magical people - the Karmidee - are living as an underclass of pedlars and tinkers, known as the 'magicos'. But legend tells of a King, birthmarked with a butterfly, who will save the Karmidee from extinction. Particularly from the new Minister for Modernisation, Councillor Elfina Crink. With her Impossible List and Normal Police, she is determined to stamp out the Karmidee spirit. As repression intensifies, the Karmidee and their powers go underground, but their magic bursts out in the most unexpected places as a bid for freedom, with surprising, hilarious and extraordinary results.

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About the Author

Charlotte Haptie

Charlotte Haptie is the author of Otto and the Flying Twins and Otto and the Bird Charmers. Her work is humorous and unpredictable, with a panoramic, visual style and a serious undercurrent.

Otto and the Flying Twins has been sold in 16 different countries, and its sequel, Otto and the Bird Charmers, is also succeeding well internationally. The Sunday Times described Otto and the Flying Twins as ‘a sophisticated, elliptical fantasy that does not read like anything you have ever come across…’ Otto’s adventures continue on their customary grand scale with the publication of the
third book in the series, Otto in the Time of the Warrior.

Charlotte has also written the fantastical The Ice Angel, and recently launched the mischievous Granny Grabbers series.

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