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The Rule of Four (US edition)

The Rule of Four (US edition)

by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason

Publisher Dial Press


  • Signed by the Author
  • USA First Edition
  • Hardcover

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About the book

An ivy league murder, a mysterious coded manuscript, and the secrets of a Renaissance prince collide memorably in The Rule of Foura brilliant work of fiction that weaves together suspense and scholarship, high art and unimaginable treachery.

It's Easter at Princeton. Seniors are scrambling to finish their theses. And two students, Tom Sullivan and Paul Harris, are a hair's breadth from solving the mysteries of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphilia renowned text attributed to an Italian nobleman, a work that has baffled scholars since its publication in 1499. For Tom, their research has been a link to his family's pastand an obstacle to the woman he loves. For Paul, it has become an obsession, the very reason for living. But as their deadline looms, research has stalleduntil a long-lost diary surfaces with a vital clue. And when a fellow researcher is murdered just hours later, Tom and Paul realize that they are not the first to glimpse the Hypnerotomachia 's secrets.

Suddenly the stakes are raised, and as the two friends sift through the codes and riddles at the heart of the text, they are beginnning to see the manuscript in a new lightnot simply as a story of faith, eroticism and pedantry, but as a bizarre, coded mathematical maze. And as they come closer and closer to deciphering the final puzzle of a book that has shattered careers, friendships and families, they know that their own lives are in mortal danger. Because at least one person has been killed for knowing too much. And they know even more.

From the streets of fifteenth-century Rome to the rarified realm of the Ivy League, from a shocking 500 year-old murder scene to the drama of a young man's coming of age, The Rule of Four takes us on an entertaining, illuminating tour of historyas it builds to a pinnacle of nearly unbearable suspense.

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About the Author

Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason

Ian Caldwell is an American novelist known for co-authoring the 2004 novel The Rule of Four. His second book, The Fifth Gospel, was published in 2015. Dustin Thomason is an American writer and producer. Thomason co-created Hulu's Castle Rock and ABC drama The Evidence and has executive produced numerous television series, including Fox's Lie to Me and WGN America's Manhattan.

Caldwell and Thomason met in Fairfax County, Virginia, after both graduated from the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in 1994. Upon graduating from their respective colleges, Caldwell began working with Thomason on the novel The Rule of Four. After writing together for a summer, the two continued to collaborate online and by telephone for the next five years. The plot centres on four Princeton seniors attempting to solve a mystery related to the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, an Italian work from the early Renaissance. The book was published by Dial Press in 2004, spent 49 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list and has sold almost 2 million copies. It was often compared to Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code due to its similar style of teaching history through a fictional plot as well as the proximity in date of publication.

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